Props and Art


Our props facility entails nearly everything you can dream of for your art and set design. With 2 floors consisting of 300square meters each, you can find anything from 80’s cell phones to an old British style phone-booth. All this within a minute to all of our sets and sound stage areas.

This is an unbeatable convenience for ease of production and a cost-effective way we strive to make your production fast and easy. Each of our sets come with a basic set-up that can be decorated to your liking from our vast vault of decorating items to add value to your production.

Delivery or pickup can also be arranged and pleased feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Our Services

Makeup Rooms

Washrooms Facilities


Food Preparation Facility for Catering on Site

Workshop Area

Ample Parking

Each soundstage features 2 private makeup rooms and several areas for the general cast to gather, relax and chill while waiting in air-conditioned comfort.